Entry #4

So long...

2017-06-12 01:06:53 by lemonadeandlatte

Well, tonight we're uploading our last video onto Newgrounds. Feedback has been mixed and that's ok. The one criticism we have received is about the animation, or lack their of. Well, we realized this website is not the best place to feature our content. It's a place for real artist and real animators, and we're just a couple of crazy kids who wanted to spread the message of love and help others with their relationships in any way our show could. It doesn't seem like this website is the best place to spread our message. It's a great site, just not the right fit for us. We do have many more episodes and if anyone wants to see more, check out our Youtube or Vidme channels. Hope you'll see us there and subscribe. Well, we're wishing everyone success with their videos and thank you to those who commented and became a fan. Take care.


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