Oh well...

2017-06-06 20:06:22 by lemonadeandlatte

We started off ok on this site and now we're not doing as well. But that's ok. We feel this site may be more for animators and the quality of their animations. We are not animators, in fact, we are not even artist. We chose to animate our show because we thought it would be fun. And it has been. We were more focused on the message of our show, which is about love, moreso of the romantic kind, and we wanted to help other people in their pursuits of love and building and maintaining a lasting relationship. We don't think this is the site to spread that message. We will upload a few more shows and then focus more on our uploads on YouTube and Vidme. Thank you to those who watched and enjoyed, and for anyone who did receive our message of love, we hope for the best in your relationships. Take care, and always remember, the first thing is... LOVE!


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